Will you marry me? 

(Portugal April 16th – April 23rd 2017)

Yes! Yes! Yes! 

After being together for 2 years & 4 months he popped the question! Such a pivotal moment in a girls life & he went above & beyond to make sure it was the perfect moment… I’ll be honest I’m still completely shocked. How did he do it you ask? Well I’ll start from the beginning. 

Easter Sunday at ridiculous o’clock in the morning we were at Manchester Airport trying to stay awake to catch our plane to sunny Portugal! We were exhausted but so excited for a week of relaxing & exploring. At 7:30am we boarded the plane, ready for take off at 8:15. I absolutely love flying, it’s one of my favourite things to do so I jumped in the window seat preparing to stare out of the window for a good 3 hours in case I missed the perfect view. 

We landed in Faro, Portugal at 11:30am after a smooth flight but I just wanted to get to the hotel now & start our holiday. 

The hotel was a huge surprise because when do the hotels ever actually look like the picture? But it does & it’s beautiful, completely immaculate, lovely food & outside the pool is just gorgeous. (So if you’re ever staying in Portugal Clube Humbria is recommended). The first day we didn’t do much, lounged around, explored a little down in the small town that’s a 2 minute walk from the hotel. Let’s face it we were exhausted, it had been a long day. So we called it quits & went up to bed. 

The next day, Monday 17th April, we got up early & went back down to the little town to see the beach properly, it was beautiful as expected. 

We spent a good few hours down there just watching the waves, talking, we had an ice cream.. all the typical holiday stuff. We just enjoyed having the sun, the sea & the great company. We went back up to the hotel to take full advantage of the all inclusive, met up with our brothers, sunbathed, played in the pool & then decided we wanted to go out for tea as we had seen a small Indian restaurant we wanted to try. Everywhere we go on holiday we seem to end up trying a curry house so who are we to break the tradition? We went & got dry & changed for the night.

After about half an hour we grabbed our brothers & wandered back down to the little town of Olhos De Agua. Our brothers mentioned a small walk they went on earlier that day that had gorgeous views so we tagged along. 

Once we were up there the boys carried on because I wanted to take pictures of the view. I was taking the bottom pano photo & turned around to my partner on 1 knee smiling his little face off with the most beautiful ring sparkling at me. It was a complete blur. So amazing. I cried, he cried, he said ‘will you marry me?’ & I said ‘YES!’ 

There will never be another moment like it. We went for food after & I didn’t touch any of it, my whole body was in shock! His hard bit was over now, he’d had months to process it, I’d literally had 5 minutes… it was a complete surprise. So April 17th 2017 will always be such a special day & Portugal will always be a special place. June 20th 2020 is the day we plan to tie the knot… here’s to an amazing next 3 year countdown 🥂💍✨🌞


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